SW One Team: Tonight’s Demos


We have six teams presenting tonight at SW One Team. In no particular order:

PartiPlanner: Marketplace for those scheduling events to be connected to vetted suppliers. Easy planning with a high degree of confidence.

Frost: Frost is a geolocation social and matchmaking app.

Typecast: Typecast uses a simple form-based interface to automatically generate complex websites. With a few clicks, people who don’t know how to code can rapidly prototype their business ideas.

FitCast: Affordable, personal training, audible app.

LooperLinkLooperLink is golf’s newest mobile app that connects caddies and golfers at any course in the nation. LooperLink’s caddies will be accredited online, rated, tracked, and transparently priced accordingly.

Pomme HT: Developing wearable technology for children with diabetes, providing a real-time link between Continuous Glucose Monitoring devices and a network of parents, doctors, and researchers. We are introducing a vast improvement over current market technology in the areas of image, function, scope and quality of data collected, and timeliness of reporting. Making diabetes easier and less dangerous for children is what we’re all about.

We have a handful of tickets available to watch the final presentations, but if you are not in San Diego or miss out on the tickets, we will be livestreaming the event at livestream.com/swsd.