Pitch Teams and Member Lists


100+ attendees

48 Pitches, with 3 more who joined last minute

14 Official teams

11 Coaches

5 minutes to pitch your best

4 Judges


Click here to buy tickets before sales end at 1 p.m. to see the final presentations tonight, dinner included.

It’s the start of  summer and while everyone is out at play, some incredible possibilities are hard at work.  This weekend has been an amazing rally of mobile apps, user-based services, and other niche products.

Everyone did a great job of listening, discussing, and moving FAST to form these incredible teams. The room was roaring while leaders were attracting new members. After several rounds of team formation, and a few switchbacks it looks like everyone is settled in nicely!  We got out of Nokia at midnight and were back at 9am Saturday.  It’s amazing to feel the energy in the room and see much of the collaboration.

Teams heavily worked on customer validation and many other judges’ criterion throughout the weekend to prepare for the Sunday night pitches to the panel of judges.

Here is the list of final 14 groups who will be pitching for the amazing prizes and awards on Sunday night.

Note: guests and spectators must purchase tickets in order to sit in on the pitches. Click here to buy tickets before sales end at 1 p.m. Sunday, June 23rd!

Team Name You Storage Forecasting Analytics The Freshman
Team Lead Jace Perry Chris Andretta Anshul Kundani
Brett Yokom Walter Karshat Diana Nistor
Sunny B. Steve Klebanoff Oana Balajel
Oliver Stahl Sky Lin Brian Moss
Kine Paulsen Sandy Peters James Doris
Einy Paulsen Micheal Myles Shayda Moshirvaziri
Zeb Evans Toan Tran Christopher Docuyanan
Scott Martin Jesse Huang Sean Nam
Shikhir Singh Sunita Shah
Gary Jalnis Arun Srinivasan
Team Name Pick It Up Urban Escape Social Map
Team Lead Yang Zheng Greg Albritton Julian Bryant
Jeff Bush Eddie Kollar Bryan Forsythe
Dennis Slade Ace Baker Tunde Ogunsaju
Andrew Dennis Norio Ichikowa Praveen Moorthy
Brandon Remiker Aaron Chou Peter Fryscak
Justin Falgout Jason Chapo Anthony Do
Joe Patrick Batrina Ezis
Rich Hilton
Zlata Sushehik
Phillip Stinis
Team Name Head Shot Share “Stuff” Wantrest
Team Lead Shawn Partridge Nicholas Williams Austin Neudecker
Alan Kwok Jamie Danielle Jonathan Hunt
Drew Shepard Blake Johnston Oleg Sinyavskiy
Margaret Choi Sarah Karlson Steven Fouskarinis
Emily Walker Edmund Lo
Thanh Nguyen
Ali Mobrem
Gary Miner
Team Name My XY Coupon Daddy Music Stock Market
Team Lead Philip Meier Russell Schneider Lee Gilley
Jason Britton Marcus Aldaf Maria Smolkin
Sunshine Makarow Fletcher Stump Smith
Tyler Clemens
Stuart Young