Develop a Windows App and Be Eligible To Win!


Great news for SWSD 7 attendees: there will be a concurrent Nokia/Microsoft prize in addition to the First, Second, and Third overall prize!

Any team that develops a Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 application during Startup Weekend San Diego is eligible to win a Microsoft Surface RT or a Nokia Lumia 900.  Plus anyone  who presents a Windows Phone App will be eligible for 1 free year of membership to the Nokia Premium Developer Program! ( $1500 Value – DVLUP registration required ). Anyone who publishes a Windows Phone app to the store will qualify for a free Lumia 800!  Check out all of the cool stuff available via Nokia’s! A game for developers where XP points are earned for app focused activities. Make sure and browse the leader board and the rewards tab for examples of what is available!


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App Campus!

AppCampus is an open, global program n for everyone regardless of nationality. The program is open globally both for companies and individuals/teams. AppCampus provides funding for mobile apps developed for Windows Phone and additionally other Nokia platforms.



Technical Information

Please take some time to install the Windows 8 and or Windows Phone 8 SDKs, and check out the sample apps, so that you’ll hit the ground running this weekend.

You can get all the resources you need here or find Bret Stateham ( at the event to borrow a USB drive with all the software you need.

Doing this early will surface any incompatibility issues now and give me time to help you fix them. There are two different paths for installation, depending on if you have Windows 8 or Windows 7 installed.

Follow the instructions below that apply to you.


If you are running Windows 8 

If you are running Windows 8, install the Windows Phone 8 SDK. That link will bring you to the download page. The download is an installer and needs internet connectivity to run. If you need the iso file to install the SDK on a machine that has no internet, this link will download it. You may be prompted to turn on Hyper-V during the installation process. Hyper-V is used to run the emulators because they are fully fleshed out VMs. You will need Windows 8 Pro to run an emulator. I will have test phones available for you to test your apps on.


If you are running Windows 7

If you are running Windows 7, install the Windows Phone 7 SDK. That link will bring you to the download page, the download is the installer and needs internet connectivity to run. If you need the iso file to install the SDK on a machine that has no internet, this link will download it.


Go Here if you Bootcamp your Mac or use Parallels.

Check out this link for more excellent resources from Lance McCarthy:

Please take the time to prepare your laptops for development prior to this event. Please email George Salcedo at if you have any questions.