Get Ready for Startup Weekend San Diego 7, June 21st-23rd!


Before you attend , we thought you might want a few pointers on how to get there, what to bring, things to expect, etc.



Nokia San Diego
16620 West Bernardo Drive
San Diego, CA 92127


Full event schedule here

Self-Parking Instructions

If you are driving yourself to San Diego Startup Weekend, there is free parking at the Nokia San Diego parking lot.

Public Transportation

Bus: Nokia San Diego is a short walk from the Rancho Bernardo Transit Center

or visit for more information


What to Bring

  • Print out this handy PDF to help guide you through the weekend ( )
  • Laptops, tablets, phones – or any other mobile computing devices
  • Chargers (for your electronics – not of the football variety!)
  • Notepads and pens or pencils (yes, even in the digital age this may help!)
  • If you registered as a student, please bring your student ID or other form of verification
  • Please help us speed up the registration process by printing out and bringing these signed documents: 


What to Expect

The following post was written by Adam Kaye, an entrepreneur and organizer of Startup Weekend Tallahassee. This comes from the official Silicon Tally blog, a local tech incubator founded by Adam.

Many of the participants are emailing us and asking us, “What should we do to get ready for Startup Weekend?”

Well, if you don’t plan on pitching an idea, then you should just relax and spend “quality time” with your friends or family during the evenings this week, because they will not get much attention from you this coming weekend at Startup Weekend Tallahassee.  At most, I would reccommend reading a few articles on TechCrunch or watching a few episodes of TechStars Reality Show Series on Bloomberg TV here online



Are You Ready for Friday’s Pitch?

If you have an idea you should pitch it, but be prepared.

You have 60 seconds to get the audience interested in you and your idea.  No slides or props – just your voice. We’ll be brutal with the timing, no exceptions. You don’t have time to go over features, so just focus on the core of the idea and make your enthusiasm and passion contagious.

Practice Your Pitch

Get a timer, plan your pitch,and practice. Pitch to your friends, family, co-workers, the dog, stuffed animals, and anyone that will listen – just practice.

Here’s a bit of framework to follow when developing your 60 second pitch:

  • 10 seconds: Introduce yourself.
    Who are you and what is your background (just the best highlights that relate to the problem you and your idea are solving… it’s only 10 seconds here)?
  • 20 seconds: Describe the problem you want to solve.
    What is the problem that your product is solving? Tell a unique story that members of the crowd could see using someday.
  • 20 seconds: Describe your solution.
    Explain how your idea solves the problem
  • 10 seconds: Your needs.
    Who do you need on your team (a developer, marketing, designer?)

Here’s a few more things Adam Kaye, a experience and successful pitcher recommends doing:

1) Get customer validation ahead of time!

It’s not cheating to work on your startup before the weekend, but know you aren’t going to win if you are pitching an existing business or launched company.  What you COULD & SHOULD be doing now is getting customer validation on your idea or concept.  Get out there and ask people what they think of it, if it solves a problem that they experience, would they use your product/service, and what would they pay for it.  Perhaps even get these recorded on video.  Perhaps send out a survey from SurveyMonkey or Wufoo.  If you can prove that “demand,” then it won’t only impress the judges but it could also help your case when pitching other participants to work on your idea that weekend.

2) Work on your pitch! You only have 60 seconds!

So, many of you are concerned about only having 60 seconds to convince a group of people to like your idea so much that they spend their next 3 days working on it exclusively instead of watching college football or spending time with the family!  Below is a slide from the Powerpoint presentation which the event’s facilitator will show you on how to do it.  Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse… Please do not be one of those people who spends the first 45 seconds talking about their background to then get cutoff from the mic 15 seconds later when they haven’t even stated what their idea/product actually is…

Also, don’t worry about people stealing your idea…

some people are scared to share their idea because they believe it is valuable.  The truth is that ideas are worthless and execute is everything.  This is your opportunity to EXECUTE on your idea in one weekend and get it to a “pitchable” state.  Don’t worry about people taking your idea, instead focus on executing on it faster than anyone else can.  Your competition is not going to be in that event venue, they are in Silicon Valley, New York, Beijing, Eastern Europe, or some other place full of “hungry” entrepreneurs and developers.

To learn more about Adam or Silicon Tally, visit the Silicon Tally website.


Windows / Nokia Prize

Win Microsoft Surface Tablets or Nokia Lumnia 900’s for your team. Plus get 1 year of developer tools ($1500 value) and a Lumina 800 just for making a Nokia/Windows app this weekend.  More info here:



Please email


Reminder: please make sure you fill out and bring the photo release form and Nokia visitor log documents before SWSD 7!